Sabine Hohne


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Video
Every day, I debate about my favourite path in design. In this degree, I’ve explored many facets that interest me, including photography, publication, environmental graphics, brand identity, and UX design. I’ve grown to understand and respect design’s variety and have developed a flexibility and eagerness to work on many projects.

I aspire to be curious, learn, and experience new things, in and out of design. My love for looking at, creating, and sharing beautiful things has fueled my work, from nature photography to making digital experiences. One of the best things about design is that it integrates into many fields, and I’m interested in exploring its potential throughout my career, wherever it takes me.
Sunscreen Branding, Packaging, and Advertising
This is a fully integrative project that included product selection and naming, brand identity and design, packaging, and various advertisements. Sunburst’s goal is to get customers outside and keep them safe while they enjoy time in the sun. They believe sunscreen and sun time are equally essential.
Jarritos Product Photography
I captured this image for a studio photography practical exam. My task was to conceptualize, compose, set up, control lighting, take the photo, and bring the photo into Lightroom and Photoshop for post production.
Social Justice Campaign for Child Abuse Awareness
The advertisements’ design torn up or bruised child-like wallpaper designs to resemble signs of child abuse. The goal is to ensure that adults are aware of the signs of child abuse and can spot them in the children with which they interact. The tagline “Keep an eye on the kids” emphasizes the need for everyone to take an active role in keeping children safe from abuse.
Youth Toothpaste Brand and Packaging Design