MacEwan Design 2023
April 27, 2023
MacEwan Design Portfolio Show

MacEwan Design students are multi-faceted individuals who come into the program with their own unique perspectives, and as they finish their educational journey, they reveal their new knowledge and skills through an unfolding.


Master Study of Joaquin Sorolla and George Park
Podcast Summit Brand Design - Corporate ID & Branding
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
Annual Report Design for Explore Edmonton

Portfolio Show

APRIL 27, 2023
Allard Hall, 11110-104 Ave, Edmonton, AB
Industry Viewing
Public Viewing
5PM - 7PM
7PM - 9PM


MacEwan University’s Design program has been educating respected designers for 50 years. We recently became a degree program in 2019, focused on training 21st century designers. The 21st century designer considers more than the beauty of everyday things; instead they must see the whole psychology of everyday things, where aesthetics is one of multiple aspects of how people respond and interact with communication and digital products. Our program is rooted in visual communication design, but also allows students to specialize in digital experience design, motion graphics, video, photography, and illustration.

We are training designers that can understand client problems just as well as they can solve them. Research and soft skills are weighted just as much as craft and the ability to give form to solutions. If you browse this year’s students’ capstone projects, you will see this broader view of design in practice. Guided by over twenty-five instructors with a wealth of design expertise, students gain knowledge, skills, and real-world experience required to work in today’s industry. Thank you for supporting our program and taking the time to view the students’ work.


  • Executive Committee
  • Chloe Anna | President
  • Cynthia Ma | President
  • Erin Hudson | Vice Pres
  • Sabine Hohne | Secretary
  • Content Subcommittee
  • Grace Zimmel
  • Rochelle Kriewaldt
  • Kessia Cherkewick
  • Kim Huynh
  • Publication Subcommittee
  • Brett Boyd
  • Abbey Smith
  • Kennedy Kozak
  • Coralie Larochelle
  • Social Media Subcommittee
  • Sabine Hohne
  • Molly Boyd
  • Headshot Subcommittee
  • Laina Vanderwell
  • James Nguyen
  • Website Subcommittee
  • Gabriela Murga
  • Erin Hudson
  • Opening Reception Subcommittee
  • Katryna Yasinski
  • Anne Morin
  • Chloe Anna
  • Erin Hudson
  • Dominic Lafrance
  • Joe Moniz
  • Gallery Visitor Subcommittee
  • Katryna Yasinski
  • Anne Morin
  • Chloe Anna
  • Molly Boyd
  • Dominic Lafrance
  • Joe Moniz
  • Content Review Subcommittee
  • Kessia Cherkewick
  • Kim Huynh
  • Zeus Wong
  • Gabriela Murga
  • Joe Moniz
  • Ethan Breitkreuz
  • Brand Identity Subcommittee
  • Katryna Yasinski
  • Cynthia Ma
  • Faculty & Staff Advisors
  • Nichole Magneson|Show Manager
  • Robert Andruchow|Website
  • Mike Kendrick|Gallery
  • Constanza Pacher|Publication
  • Wayne Williams|Branding