Rochelle Kriewaldt


  • Branding
  • Publication
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
As a digital experience designer, I believe that thoughtful design has the power to simplify complex problems and make technology more accessible to everyone. In my work, I strive to create unique experiences that not only meet user needs, but also exceed their expectations. I appreciate that I joined an industry that is always evolving and will keep engaging opportunities abundant. With my new credential, I plan to live abroad and take inspiration from my new surroundings and implement it in my future work (while enjoying all the coffee, of course).
Brissie Brewing Co.
I drew inspiration for this branding project from my experience living in Australia before starting my design degree. "Brissie" is a colloquial term for the city of Brisbane. I have created a collection of ciders with labels that match the flavour profile of the drink. This brand is meant to appeal to anyone looking for a fresh summer refreshment to enjoy on the beach.
Kindred is an experimental dating application that will use data on a user’s device to curate a profile that will find potential matches based on common interests. This could be music taste, physical activity levels, and social media use. Potential matches will be given a "similarity score" based on the compatibility of the two people as per this pulled data.
Tecate P’al Norte Rebrand
In this project I was tasked with rebranding an event and its marketing materials. I chose the Tecate P’al Norte music festival in Monterrey, México. I created a brand new look for the festival and a branding guidelines reference book outlining how to use the new materials and graphics on social media. This is the poster that displays the festival line-up and general information.
In this multidisciplinary project, I, along with a team of computer science students created Papertrail, the “one-stop-shop” for job-seekers. It will provide a place to store and manage job applications from multiple different platforms, pull information from a user’s Google Suite to apply for work, and send notifications to keep the whole process organized and on schedule.