Raquel Jean


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
Originally from the small northern town of McLennan, Alberta, I am a multifaceted designer who has called Edmonton home for almost a decade. I am passionate about design, because it allows me to explore complex issues and develop visual solutions that make daily life more accessible. With an interest in botany and anthropology, I draw inspiration from nature and the connections I make to my environment and the people around me. While at MacEwan, I discovered a love for design research, user experience, and environmental design. My goal is to pursue a career as a UX designer, with my dream projects being to design large-scale murals and develop solutions that aid in the ways people navigate both physical and virtual spaces.
The Black Dahlia Conference
Conference ID Badges.
The Black Dahlia Conference is a first-of-its-kind experience that hosts speakers ranging from New York Times bestselling authors to podcasters. Fans of true crime gather for 4 days to discuss the mysteries surrounding the murder of aspiring Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Short.
The Black Dahlia Conference is designed to immerse conference attendees in the glamorous lifestyle Elizabeth aspired to obtain while also informing visitors of her dark and mysterious murder.
NeuroBuddy Task Manager
Neurobuddy is a task manager for individuals with ADHD that combines a smartphone app and smart glasses to improve user productivity. Neurobuddy learns from the user’s behavior and experiences to help them make decisions regarding their daily tasks.
Neurobuddy features a task management buddy that helps users stay on track when performing tasks and offers the user suggestions through the smart glasses. This project was done in collaboration with Leanna Cebe & Kessia Cherkewick.
Ohana Donuterie Redesign
Coffee Cup and Paper Bag.
The branding of Ohana Donuterie is intended to invoke a welcoming, playful Hawaiian vibe that is reminiscent of summer and spending quality time with friends. Tropical elements are introduced to pay homage to the 130 year old Hawaiian recipe that the company uses to create their pastries.