Kinetic BMS Website Redesign & Portfolio Development

User Experience
I collaborated with Kinetic BMS, a local building automation contractor, to design their website and develop an online portfolio. This redesign aims to enhance web traffic and entice potential stakeholders, including new and existing clients, by incorporating concise and pertinent content, along with imagery that adheres to best practices for trade company web design and on-page search engine optimization.
Since I had no prior knowledge of the building automation industry, conducting extensive research on building management systems and the best practices for web design of building automation contractor websites was crucial for this project. The research conducted during the fall term provided the groundwork for developing pertinent content and imagery. Additionally, this image shows a few of the multiple steps were involved in the redesign process to achieve the final outcome.
Case Study Video.
These screens illustrate the pages that offer details about Kinetic BMS’ services, projects, team, and system benefits. With the exception of the image in the Our Team banner, I crafted the written content, layout, and imagery for each topic. Additionally, the screens exhibit the iconography system I devised for the company’s website.
These portfolio pieces highlight Kinetic BMS’ work across a variety of different facilities. By examining these pieces, prospective stakeholders can witness the company’s values and services in action, demonstrating how Kinetic BMS stands out against their competitors. To complete this part of the project, I visited numerous prior job sites to capture photographs of the building’s exterior and mechanical room. Furthermore, I updated each project write-up based on the information provided by the company.