Thia Ma


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Publication
  • Typography
  • Video
After focusing on psychology and human services, design is my second career. My design practice uses a multidisciplinary approach and, when possible, includes mixed media deliverables. I enjoy the process of designing and facilitating collaborative work. As a generalist, I want the variety found in projects with multiple phases and end assets.

I want to bridge the gap between digital and physical design. You can see this in my project, ‘Deconstruct,’ which combined traditional linocut printmaking, high-resolution photography, and digital post-production.

My dream project: creating a scene for an ‘I Spy’ children's book.
Deconstruct Linoprint
With an open medium, the project deliverable was an event poster representing the theme of ‘Deconstruct.’ Linocut printmaking method was used for the central design, with red elements and type added digitally afterwards.
Hong Kong Tourism Brand Identity and Experience
With Hong Kong as the subject, the project outcome was a contained exhibition experience that encouraged the public to visit the city. An architectural model of the 20’x20’ exhibition space was developed and featured the brand identity throughout.
The outcomes of this project were completed in partnership with another student.
Up and Over Album - Winning Design
A packaging design for a vinyl jazz album. The course project was a competition with real-world clients, and this was the winning design chosen by the musicians.
2022 MacEwan Book of the Year - Chocolate Bar
A chocolate bar packaging design inspired by the 'whole chocolate bars' found in the short story Chick-A-Chee by Souvankham Thammavongsa in her published book How To Pronounce Knife. This design was an honourable mention in the Creative Project category for the annual student book of the year contest.