Grace Zimmel


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Hello there!
I am a designer specializing in UX/UI design. This path combines three of my favourite parts of design: problem solving, connecting with others, and technology. My main goal as a UX designer is to make people's lives even just a little bit better through the things I create. I take inspiration from the people and the environment around me, and I strive to design ethical, accessible, and creative solutions. I’m looking forward to exploring the future of design and continuing to create and learn.
When I’m not at my computer you can find me trying a new coffee shop, bouldering, or exploring festivals and events around the city.
Monday or Tuesday
This is a book design for Monday or Tuesday, a collection of short stories by Virginia Woolf. This collection of stories is made to feel disorienting and distracting. It is Woolf's first attempt at her ‘stream of consciousness’ technique and makes the reader consider the mundane, daily life, and the passage of time. The book’s overall themes are contemplation, mystery, and disorientation.
The Griff Redesign: Making Waves Edition
This project is a redesign of the MacEwan student publication, the Griff. This redesign created a ‘Making Waves’ edition of the publication that showcases strong, optimistic, and opinionated voices of students through a ‘by students for students’ approach. The redesign utilizes a handmade zine/collage aesthetic and pairs it with active and changemaking articles like ‘Gendered Contraception’ and ‘A Fight For Equality’.
JUXTA: The Career Comparison Application
JUXTA is a career comparison web application. The project was created in an interdisciplinary class where designers were paired with a team of developers. This application allows users to view side by side comparisons of up to 4 careers. This comparison showcases insights like salaries, job requirements, projected vacancies, and more. JUXTA allows users to make informed decisions about their career and discover what is the right fit for them.
Breath & Being: Record Packaging
This project is a record packaging concept for the album ‘Breath & Being’ by Roya. The design hints to the viewers that the cracks and hardships in our lives make us who we are and helps create and shape our very own state of being. The album has an overall feeling of intimacy and connection that bonds the listener and the singer together.