Gabriela Murga


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
As a designer, I aim to communicate effectively and creatively problem-solve through my work. My expertise lies in branding, advertising, and UX/UI design, which allow me to merge my artistic flair with a strong focus on delivering compelling experiences through thoughtful design. My Guatemalan-Canadian roots and travel experience have made me passionate about cultural representation and celebrating diverse narratives through collaboration and empathy.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring various art forms, whether painting, listening to new genres of music (186 genres according to Spotify wrapped), or learning to dance. I intend to draw inspiration from these art forms, the places I visit, and the people I meet.
Broox Brand and Packaging Design
Broox is a fictional clothing and sneaker company created for my Branding Class. This project aimed to explore product packaging and branding identity. The brand Broox is founded by the filmmaker Spike Lee, a Brooklyn creative who tells the stories of black folks through film. The brand is meant to be a playful and bold representation of Lee’s work.
For the project, we chose a product/service to rebrand for a new audience. My project focused on bakeries for young adults. Straying away from the original bakery archetype, Breadwinner markets bread and bakery goods to young adults using its bright colours, illustrative branding, and social involvement to attract customers.
Portrait Photography Collection
A collection of portrait photography from different projects using strobe lighting is compiled here. Seen here are my favourite portrait photos from three different projects. Through photography, I like to explore ways to convey or alter the subject's story through lighting, composition, and colour.
Winspear App Design
In this project the main objective was to redesign a phone application for the Edmonton Winspear Centre. Thinking about the user's goals and creating a streamlined journey when wanting to attend an event at the Winspear all determined the app's design. Integrating a ticket system into the app improves the user's overall experience by eliminating the extra steps from researching to purchasing and using tickets.