Ethan Breitkreuz


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics
  • Publication
I am continually looking for ways to improve my already-developed design skills to create meaningful work that stands out. I am interested in publication, layout design, motion graphics, illustration, and advertising—or whatever solution can best tackle a project. Design can be a tool to impact society positively, and I want to use my work as a designer to help with this change. Creativity often comes to me through vigorous work and collaboration with others. I am inspired by creatives who have guided me to this point, and I am excited to continue to learn beyond my education at MacEwan.
Publication Design - Frankenstein Novel Redesign
The purpose of this project was to redesign all portions of a book—including the cover, the typefaces, the illustrations, and the layout. The novel breaks stereotypical adaptations of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and provides a new take through colour choices, illustration style, and type selection.
Publication - The Griff Redesign
This project involved taking Macewan’s current student publication—the Griff—and giving it a complete redesign. The magazine creates a sense of community for students with bold type, colour, a grid system, and a unified design that can be repeated across monthly issues. The magazine calls for an experience, rather than just a reading.
Branding - Kevin Dean Album Design
This album design doubled as a project in Typography II as a submission for musician Kevin Dean to possibly select for his self-titled album Going Down Slow. The design utilizes funky typography paired with illustration and a retro colour palette all of which convey jazz, joy, and reflection on one’s life.
Advertising - Delta Airlines “Get Lost” Campaign
This project’s goal was to create a memorable campaign for Delta Airlines that would encourage a young demographic to travel with lifted Covid-19 restrictions. The provocative tagline is hidden throughout the enticing images, inviting viewers to lose themselves in various destinations worldwide. The campaign could be implemented across various media, including social ads, billboards, bus shelters, and posters.