Erin  Hudson


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
Hello, I am a social creative and have enjoyed working with other creatives and brilliant minds during my school years. Practicing my creative process and discussing design issues was a foundational part of my education. I am proud of my skills in illustration, branding, web design, animation, and DXD, and am keen to gain more experience in the industry.

I am passionate about political theory and social issues. I dream of seeing our society become united by art, community, and education. Balancing my design education with political science studies was a good balance of my passions and strengths, and I look forward to pursuing these interests in my future career.
TIQ Software Brand Redesign
Parks Canada UI Redesign
This project proposed a redesign of the Parks Canada app to create a new system for users to book campsites and explore Canada's national parks through the booking app.
William Gray Architect Brand Identity
This project required me to design a professional brand identity for the “William Gray Architect” architectural firm. The deliverables were the logo, typeface, and colours to create a cohesive and credible brand.
Representation Illustration
Editorial illustration for an article that features the experiences of sex workers who work in street prostitution. This project conducted research into how sex workers are portrayed in the media, art, and the news. This illustration flips the narrative by showing the power of using one’s voice to tell their own story.