Dominic Lafrance


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video
I enjoy telling stories through my work as a motion designer, animator, and illustrator. I believe strong graphic design skills, teamwork, experimentation, and attention to detail are the key ingredients in telling a compelling story. I’m most interested in animation mediums that blend physical media and hand rendered styles with digital compositing techniques to create a unique sense of appeal. I grew up in Edmonton, and got my start in design with a sketchbook and a love for movies and TV. If I’m not storyboarding something in my sketchbook, animating straight ahead for fun, or shooting something in a back alley, you’ll find me at the climbing gym, on the side of a mountain, or deeply invested in a large bowl of noodles and broth (slurp).
Motion Reel
This motion reel features the best bits from various animation projects completed over the course of my degree at Macewan. It showcases a variety of animation styles that demonstrate an exploration of different mediums and animation processes.
Clement L. Draperies Identity Design
The main objective of this project was to design an updated identity for Clement L. Draperies, a custom window coverings manufacturer that emphasizes customer service in the provision of their custom product. Both competitor and brand audits were conducted to supplement a full rebrand. Their updated identity recalls traditional sign painting techniques and the graphic styles of 1940s/1950s service-based businesses while incorporating unique drapery motifs and a modern layout style.
WAR Music Video
The goal of this project was to create a music video for the IDLES song “WAR.” The video was conceptualized and storyboarded over the course of a month and shot in one day. It aims to visualize the anxiety of eviction through a chase scene in which the main character is eventually revealed to be chasing himself.
Movie Timeline Infographic Poster
The goal of this infographic is to visually depict a movie timeline in a unique, non-linear fashion that invites the viewer to compare and contrast elements. This poster visualizes the timeline of the movie Run Lola Run, directed by Tom Tykwer in 1998.