Greta Ta


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Publication
  • Typography
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
As a graphic designer, my day-to-day routine looks a bit like this: Passion. Research. Sleep. No sleep. Command+Z. Coffee. More coffee. Spilled coffee. Crying face emoji. Amazing idea. Hyper-fixate. Silly idea. Expand. Questions. Analyze. Discussions. Magic. Not necessarily in this order, but that pretty much sums up my design process.

For me, design is about problem solving, communicating an objective, and creating lasting and memorable experiences. I believe that at the heart of design, there’s always an opportunity to solve and create something exceptional as long as you’re intentional, curious, and always ready to learn more. Outside of school, I’ve been interning as an in-house designer at a small company, working on personal projects, and hunting down the next best food spot.
Milk Product Catalog
The main objective of this project was to design a product catalog for a brand or product(s) of choice.
Social Justice Campaign for Adult Literacy
The objective of this project was to design a campaign for a social justice of choice. The chosen social justice issue focuses on adult literacy and media choices made for the campaign include a billboard ad as well as a poster series.
Paint Brand: To Dye For
The objective of this project was to develop a paint brand and create illustrations for the overall branding. Along with the brand, designs for a kiosk, swatchbook, and spray paint cans were also developed.
Reorganizing and Redesigning
The objective of this project was to reorganize and redesign a large website (completed as a group). The website’s content was collected, reorganized, and ran through user testing.