Kelsey Skene


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Environmental Design
My name is Kelsey Skene and I live to create. I love teaching myself new types of art and design. These diverse mediums, past design movements, and other designers/artists inspire me! I love design because it allows me to continue exploring different ways to create and acts as a space to implement the skills I have already taught myself. My goal is to become a stronger designer and to find excitement in every design project I take on. Over the pandemic I have kept busy with fun personal projects, worked in publication design, and on freelance work.

Album Design

For this project we worked with the band “Nature Of” to create the design for their new album “The Mean”. It included the development of the jacket, sleeve, centre labels, and drop cards.
Taking into account what we discussed with the band and our interpretation of the album to create a cohesive set of designs.

Monochromatic Fashion Photo Essay

This project was open ended, which allowed me to create multiple unique, monochromatic fashion photography shoots. Photos from each shoot were then laid out in spreads for the final photo essay.
The cover of the photo essay shows a brief glimpse of the colours to come using statement earrings as the focal point for each.

Event Posters

This project consists of posters for 3 local music and art shows. They come from an ongoing partnership with Grase (@ggrraassee on instagram). They showcase a variety of styles derived from visual inspiration supplied with each poster request.

Beer Can Illustrations

For this project we had to find an existing brewery and select 2 of their beers to draw new labels for. They should work with the name of the beer and look like the start of a visual system for their beers.

I utilised black and metallic ink for my illustrations and hand rendered type, with the visuals based off of vintage posters.

Gratuitous Platypus Modern Life is Rubbish Music Video

My capstone was focused on creating engaging visuals that complement the music Gratuitous Platypus creates. Colour psychology was utilized to reinforce the manic and depressive episodes present in bipolar disorder. The ups and downs of the song paired with the actions mentioned led to bipolar disorder becoming the concept for the video. The band is utilizing this opportunity to establish mental health as a core value due to its presence throughout the album.