Kayla Agustin


    Graduating with:
  • Diploma
  • Publication Design
  • Illustration
My name is Kayla Agustin; I am a Filipino-Canadian artist. I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, and my passion includes illustration, publication and graphic design. I find inspiration from children’s books, movies, and other creatives. I love design because it allows us to communicate information creatively and bring people together. My goal is to create designs that tell a story, clarify complex details, convey an emotion, and enhance the viewer experience. Over the pandemic, I kept busy illustrating every day, creating personal projects, and doing publication work for the AIC internship.

Epcor Art Hoarding Project

The illustration displays the importance of public transportation. How it gathers various individuals with different backgrounds into one shared environment. Small interactions, bumping into old friends, memorizing the regulars, and meeting neighbours grant a sense of belonging and community. This project was converted into construction art hoarding and displayed at the construction site as a mural in Edmonton, Alberta. The construction hoarding panels are placed along the north fence of the worksite facing Oliver Square.

Tamera’s Tooth Troubles Children's Book Mock-Up

This personal project is an imagined children's book that follows Tamera and her wiggly tooth. This whimsical character shares her experience of what it's like losing her first baby tooth. Exploring character design, colour schemes, and animated backgrounds was a pleasurable experience.

Dreaming: The Prague Sessions Vinyl Packaging Mockup

In this project, our typography ll class was given an opportunity to design vinyl packaging for Bent River Records. This mockup was designed for Allan Gilliland’s Dreaming: The Prague Sessions. The colours remained monochrome to combine a dreamy aesthetic and music note sheet experience. The images were hand-illustrated traditionally with a black pen and white cardstock. This design choice was to enhance the illustration's texture and add depth.

Little Red Riding Hood Animation

This 2D animation of Little Red Riding Hood is a self-directed project for the Final Project in DESN261. The main focus was to design a playful, whimsical character design and a frame by frame animation. The storyline follows the Little Red Riding Hoods' morning routine on the way the Grandma's house. The textured, bright illustrations enhance the 2D feel and fairy tale book theme