A journey ending and beginning

Odyssey encapsulates the journey of a designer- from initial research to prototype, first-year to graduation. This year, we celebrate the end of one journey and the beginning of another, just in the same way MacEwan celebrates the end of 50 years, and the beginning of another 50 more.


Social Awareness Ad Campaign
Gratuitous Platypus Modern Life is Rubbish Music Video
Portraits of individuals in the marginalized community
City of Edmonton Compost School Signage
How to Take Care of a Cactus Explainer Video
We Didn’t Listen
Promotion Of Cannabis Knowledge: Interactive Website
S.F-Squared Branding
The Mixing Cup Website
Carmilla Book Design
Wildrose Vintage Profile Video
The Griff Redesign

Reception & Portfolio Viewing

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Industry Viewing | 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Public Viewing | 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.

About the Program

MacEwan University’s Design program has been educating respected designers for 50 years. We recently became a degree program in 2019 focused on training 21st century designers. The 21st century designer considers more than the beauty of everyday things, instead they must see the whole psychology of everyday things, where aesthetics is one of multiple aspects of how people respond and interact with communication and digital products. Our program is rooted in visual communication design but also allows students to specialize in digital experience design, motion graphics, video, photography, and illustration. We are training designers that can understand client problems just as well as they can solve them. Research and soft skills are weighted just as much as craft and the ability to give form to the solutions. If you browse the student’s capstone projects, you will see this broader view of design in practice. Guided by over twenty-five instructors with a wealth of design expertise, students gain knowledge, skills, and real-world experience required to work in today’s industry. Thank you for supporting our program and taking the time to view the students work.


  • Executives
  • President - Angel Castillo
  • VP - Tinu Olabimtan
  • Secretary - Taylor Yuill
  • Treasurer - Jade Staines
  • Brand Identity Subcommittee
  • Angel Castillo
  • My Hanh Nguyen
  • Tinu Olabimtan
  • Website Subcommittee
  • Anna Bury
  • Brett Johnson
  • Jade Staines
  • Portfolio Showbook Subcommittee
  • Anna Kraemer
  • Emma Wine
  • Janae Olsen
  • Jenna Usselman
  • Summer Shields
  • Headshot Photo Subcommittee
  • Angel Castillo
  • My Hanh Nguyen
  • Sabrine Hachi
  • Yasmin Dehghannegad
  • Social Media & Marketing Subcommittee
  • Angel Castillo
  • Sabrine Hachi
  • Tinu Olabimtan
  • Gallery Programming Subcommittee
  • Alan Ngo
  • Carolina Odashima
  • Erin Bennett
  • Content Review Subcommittee
  • My Hanh Nguyen
  • Sabrine Hachi
  • Tinu Olabimtan