Jenna Usselman


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Publication Design
  • Illustration
My name is Jenna Usselman. I grew up the artsy one in my family, whether drawing, painting or crafting. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I entered this program but soon fell in love with design. I find inspiration through social media and seeing other people's solutions. My career goal is to get into a field of design I am passionate about and further strengthen my abilities through it. I love design because it allows me to think of things in a different light that I would never have seen or thought about before. Over the pandemic, I kept busy designing through school and an internship and continued drawing and painting to further my strengths in this crazy time.

Copying a Style

This project was a copying a style project in which we had to pick a famous masterpiece and put it in the style of an illustrator of our choosing.

The masterpiece I chose to do is American Gothic and the illustrator was Stuart Holmes. Stuart Holmes's illustration style is mostly vector-based while using colours to bring his illustrations to life.

Glossier Product Catalogue

This project was to pick a brand and to design a product catalogue for their items sold.

For mine, I chose the makeup brand Glossier. I have individual items as well as packages they sell together in the catalogue.

I kept it simple and playful as those are the qualities that the Glossier brand identifies with. Using pictures from their website and giving it pops of colour bring them together in a unique way.

Coloured Gel Photography

In this project, we were given the chance to experiment with coloured gels. I did purple gels and used backlight to give her a glowy feel.

Rose for Emily

For this project, we had to redesign the inside and the outside of the book of our choosing.
The book that I chose was Rose for Emily. This book is about a woman who would go to extreme lengths to not feel lonely. I embodied that by having some pages only with a couple of words to give the lonely and eerie feeling the book gives to its readers.