Janae Olsen


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Advertising
  • Publication Design
  • Photography
My name is Janae, and I have always loved art and design. I grew up involved in music and dance and was often in the art room at school. Going into a program that emphasized creativity and furthering my artistic abilities is what drew me to the Design program at MacEwan. I hope to continue learning and developing creative, innovative ideas in all I do. I love working with print and being able to hold and see the outcomes of my work. Over the pandemic, I have studied hard in school and have searched for opportunities to dance where possible.

People Don’t Change

This album cover for Noah Cyrus and JP Hardings People Don’t Change includes a mixture of photography and illustration. One direct light was used on the subject to create a moody feeling and a direct focus on the emotion in the face of the subject. Digital paints were layered on top of the photo to create a more organic feel and further tap into the feeling of the album. A light typeface is used to finish off the cover to provide the name and recognition but not stand in way of the overall emotion of the image.


QReads is a product that combines physical books and reading with QR codes printed inside that lead to exciting videos and digital content. This is meant to inspire children and youth to get back into reading and encourage youth to inspire their own adventures.

Film Noir

These photos are inspired by the film noir genre of film and photography. The strong shadows lead to a mysterious feeling but don’t hide the glamorousness of the model.

The Griff Redesign

This project is a redesign of MacEwan’s The Griff Magazine. There was a large focus of bold type to draw the attention of the students. Using negative space was an exciting element to redefine the branding and experiment with the logo. The inside maintains bold type to continue the magazine’s character and add to the stories within.