Jade Staines


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
Creating interactive designs with a human-centred approach is my passion. My name is Jade Staines, and I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. I got drawn to the Bachelor of Design Program at MacEwan University through an interest in fine arts that led me to design studies in high school. I find inspiration through my peers and researching UX/UI designs, but also looking at the world around me. I love design because it is more than just creating a message for a viewer. We can understand users and challenge assumptions to redefine problems and create solutions through design thinking. My goal is to learn more from other designers and strengthen my own design process.

Apex Exile Branding

A beverage company would like a logo, tag line, and labels for this project. The final results reflect the nature of the business. The brand's main concept is based on the core principles of nature and a person’s connection to their life. This design intrigues users by showing them the light in the darkness.

The Mixing Cup Website

The Mixing Cup is a baking website for novice to experienced users who wish to enjoy the process of baking. This website enables users to select their preferences and get specialized recommendations for what they may like. Customers who sign-up have access to their ‘pantry’ that keeps track of what the person has in their fridge and purchases the ingredients that they will need. Overall, this is a one-stop-shop for all your baking needs.

The Brothers Grimm Fairytale

The Brothers Grimm is a fairy tale novel known for its hard truth about life. As an adult, reading and immersing ourselves in a children’s story is a bit unpractical. Reading previously published stories have a dark and gloomy atmosphere can put a damper on your day. For this book remake, the goal was to bring together the classic child’s fairy tale story with the somber and dismal tales told to teach a lesson. The story chosen were the most common fairy tales known by adults and that are not dark and depressing.

Promotion Of Cannabis Knowledge: Interactive Website

The final outcome of this incredible journey results in an interactive website that focuses on cannabis education. Users can participate in minor interactions, like answering questions and exploring (uncovering) information instead of reading through articles or static blips of information. The goal is to be the link between the government information and how the public receives correct cannabis information that is easily accessible and convenient.