Gratuitous Platypus Modern Life is Rubbish Music Video

DesignersKelsey Skene

My capstone was focused on creating engaging visuals that complement the music Gratuitous Platypus creates. Colour psychology was utilized to reinforce the manic and depressive episodes present in bipolar disorder. The ups and downs of the song paired with the actions mentioned led to bipolar disorder becoming the concept for the video. The band is utilizing this opportunity to establish mental health as a core value due to its presence throughout the album.

During a meeting with the band the idea of having easter eggs (hidden references) in the video was brought up. These all consist of references to song titles or lyrics from throughout the album. While these were not a part of the initial proposed outcome they created interesting visual elements in the video and will possibly become merchandise for the band in the future.
Getting to these results first started with creating these lyric breakdowns. Analysing the lyrics in this way allowed me to better understand the possible results for each direction as well as weed out any weak ideas. I was then able to clearly articulate these 2 primary ideas to the band.
Once the bipolar concept was chosen the visual style became important. These are the moodboards that provided the base for the aesthetic of the video. The first was created as a visual conclusion to my precedent analysis, showing the style the band gravitated towards. The second is a moodboard for the bipolar concept, you can start to see how the colours will relate to mood. The final visual is a happy medium between the two.
My storyboarding process went through a variety of stages before it got to a standard visual storyboard. I broke down which sections were manic or depressive, the length of them, the actions that relate to it, and the potential movement of the camera. Each step built on the last to create a solid plan for the music video shoot.