City of Edmonton Compost School Signage

DesignersShae McMullin

This project was in partnership with the City’s Compost School site as a part of the capstone course.

I conducted ethnographic research, a design workshop, interviews, a visual analysis, and user testing in order to identify what information needed to be shared and how best to do so. I illustrated and designed the signs with particular care for their scannability and visibility.

“The Perfect Compost” sign. This explains the best ways to maintain your home compost bin and what can be put in it.
“Maintaining Your Compost” and “Using Your Compost” signs. These signs go together to explain several of the practicalities of home composting.
“No Yard? No Problem” sign and “What is Composting?” sign. The first sign was created to try to widen the current Compost School audience, by communicating options for composting in apartments, we can address a new potential group of patrons. The second sign is an easy introduction to the scientific process of home composting and some of the language used throughout the site.
“Grow More & Do Less. Uncompost!” sign. This sign consolidates different methods of home composting that aren’t as well known and are often even easier than choosing not to compost. By highlighting the ease and application of these methods, Compost School is able to reach new patrons.