Liam  Macgregor


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Publication Design
  • Video
My name is Liam Macgregor, I find inspiration in lots of places, some conventional and others less so; from fine art and movies to skateboarding to sports to fashion I can be inspired by basically anything. Right now my career goals are to learn as much as possible from whoever I can to further my development as a designer and creative. I love design for its ability to communicate and express feelings across visual mediums to diverse demographics.

Criterion Collection Catalogue

This project consisted of using the Criterion Collection’s curated selection of genre film to create a catalogue to showcase the additions to the collection, as well as the existing collection.

The project utilizes modular grid systems to create a complex hierarchy for multiple levels of complex information, as well as use of photography, colour, and typography to adhere to Criterions existing brand.

Reflex Portfolio Show Identity

This identity was created for DESN318 (Advertising design) for the 2021 portfolio show. It uses themes of retrofuturism and craft paper, and was created to be easily adaptable to an entirely online show.

The Colour out of Space

A front-to-back layout of the short story “The Colour out of Space” including the cover, table of contents, chapter openings, and body copy.

Madvilliany Accordian Music Video

A motion graphics exploration of the song “Accordion” by Madvillainy. The video uses existing stylistic convention that had been curated by MF Doom and Madlib to create a visual that fits within the universe that they create in their music. 

The visual uses both found footage and textures, as well as hand generated textures that use markers and spray paint/stencil to create lively compositions throughout the piece.

Sustainable Fashion: Preparing for the Future

My capstone started as an exploration of the effects and perception of sustainable messaging in advertising in the fashion industry. Based on feedback during the DESN410 process, the direction changed into a speculative design project that serves to educate and create conversation surrounding the potential impact of fast fashion and greenwashing, as well as our toxic consumption habits in a future 100 years from the one we find ourselves living in. These speculations manifest as 3 postcards showcasing three different environments within this future.