Logann Fitt


    Graduating with:
  • Diploma
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Motion Graphics
My name is Logann Fitt from Edmonton, Alberta and I love user experience and creating with people in mind. I find inspiration through talking to people and other designers/researchers. I love design because it is all around us and truly has the power to impact lives. I enjoy learning about new projects and discovering insights about people that increase my world view. My goal is to become a stronger designer by always listening and practicing. Over the pandemic, I kept busy by working on personal projects and learning more about startup companies.

Language Learning Website

This project is based on the redesign of a large language learning website. The goals are to reorganize the information architecture, redesign existing content and design a new website.

The first two layers of the sitemap and the number of pages were listed to understand the main functions. Card sort activities were done with target participants to help restructure the content. Wireframes, mockups and prototypes were made of the homepage, a lesson, quiz and results.

Canadian Craft Brewery Search Aggregator

This project is based on designing a search aggregator website while focusing on search functionality.

Initially, data sources are found to provide the content of the website. Content models are created to show the sources of each piece of content on a page. Wireframes, mockups and prototypes were made for multiple pages of the website. Pages include the homepage, search results with faceted navigation, sort and filters, no results page and a destination page.

Polystyrene Plastic Recycling 3D Animated Explainer

This project focused on creating a 3D animation that communicates a topic to the audience. The chosen topic was pyrolysis for recycling polystyrene plastics. The project deliverables included a script for narration, storyboards, style frames, Blender animation and final video.

Netflix App Feature

This project focused on finding new solutions to the existing Netflix product. Improvement is centred on enhancing the user experience through a new feature.

Initially, user needs are identified, translated into tasks and turned into design solutions. Two of the top user complaints were lack of genre search and browsing and skewed recommendations. Task flows, wireframes, mockups, and micro-interactions prototypes were created as deliverables.