Anna Bury


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • User Experience Design
Hi there! My name is Anna.

I am a designer from St. Albert, passionate about creating useful, unique, accessible, and meaningful designs. I find inspiration from my own experiences, the people I meet, and the intriguing/exciting designs I see around me. After graduation, I aspire to find work in the world of branding or UX/UI. I love design because it's exciting! It sits in a world of exploration and discovery. Through design, I express myself creatively while simultaneously developing different solutions to problem spaces based on research that creates valuable and helpful experiences for people, leading to a more exciting, accessible, and inclusive world.

Over the pandemic, I had the privilege of volunteering as a designer for two non-profits while facing new fun challenges, learning to roller skate, trying out rugby, all while listening to lots of Elton John and Taylor Swift.

Ptarmigan Website Design

This project consisted of designing a website for a millwork company that does renovation and interior design projects. They wanted the website to serve as a place to direct customers to call or email them for projects. They needed it to show the work they do and their values. The goal was to appeal to clients willing to spend more on quality and sustainability and connect with their values.

Body Neutrality Campaign

This project consisted of designing a campaign for a social justice issue. The issue chosen is body neutrality. All imagery in the campaign shows people doing what they love with words stating what their body lets them do. The campaign's goal is to encourage those who struggle with body image to look towards the value of their body instead of its appearance.

Parks Canada App

The main objective of this project was to design an app that would allow avid campers to view and book campsites. The app aimed to create a clear and intuitive way for campers to reserve a campground within Canada. Group project by Anna Bury, Nathaniel Hehir and Jade Staines. Lo-fi and Hi-fi screens and personas designed by Anna Bury.

Kenny Muzia Branding

This brand was created for Kenny Muzia, a country and bluegrass musician in the Edmonton area. As a musician, Kenny Muzia needed to have a brand that would be lively and unique to him as a musician. He is full of life and loves to entertain, and his brand identity needed to represent these qualities.