Anna Kraemer


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Publication Design
  • Photography
  • Motion Graphics
Hello! My name is Anna Kraemer. Photography and other creative forms of expression have captured my attention for years. The Design program has magnified my journey and developed my love for design. I find inspiration from multiple places; other designers & creators, books, movies, music, and my family. I love design because it allows me to express myself with various techniques and support others in expressing ideas and projects. One of my career goals is to work (or contribute) in one of my areas of strength, to refine and improve my skills. Over the pandemic, I focused on my studies, completed two internships, freelance work and visited the mountains several times.

The Griff Redesign

This redesign project was based on one of the articles in the September 2020 issue called The Arts in the Pandemic. Despite the serious nature, the magazine’s overall design and tone was fun, simple, and modern. The overall goal was to create a light flow with the essence of the underlying tones of seriousness, calmness, and the elegance of traditional art forms.

The Small Ship Building Game

This animation project was an exploration of 3D motion graphics in the form of an informative video. The topic chosen for this informative video was Bauhaus Bauspiel or The “Small Ship Building Game” created by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher in 1923. The simplicity of the blocks, that allow children to explore their imagination, was fascinating to me, and I wanted to bring it to life.

Dear Wormwood, Illustrative Album

This photography project consisted of composing and photographing a reference image for an illustration. My goal was to communicate a mood or concept as a visual representation of a music album. The album chosen was Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos. The main inspirations for the cover were one of the songs on the album Soldier, Poet, King and Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches.

confined. designed. but credited?

This zine was designed for the Feminist Theories and Foundations course (GEND219).

confined. designed. but credited? was created to illustrate the history, or lack thereof, of women in the graphic design profession. This zine explores the contributions of 10 key women to the field of graphic design. Despite oppression and sexism, multiple women achieved professional status as graphic designers.