Ashe Ekstrom


He/Him and They/Them
    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Publication Design
  • Illustration
Hi there! My name is Ashe Ekstrom and I’m from Spruce Grove, Alberta. I have had a passion for art and design ever since I was a little kid, and I have always dreamed of going into a creative career. I’m passionate about design because I love helping people bring their creative visions to life, and seeing the smile on people’s faces when I show them their completed work always makes me feel super fulfilled. I find inspiration by seeing work done by my peers and artists I look up to on social media. My dream career would be a storyboard artist or comic book typesetter. Over the pandemic I focused on learning new programs and on my art, learning new techniques to expand my knowledge.

Our World In Crisis

In this project, we had to make a series of infographics pertaining to the topic of climate change and its provided data. I chose to use earthy color tones to help emphasize the importance of the information provided, and also make it easy to follow.

WAKUmi Brand Identity

In this project, we had to create our own brand and design a corporate identity and stationary package for it. I did a Japanese home and lifestyle brand, and used fun and inviting colors to display the energy and optimism of the brand.

When designing the logo, I used elements of both English and Japanese hiragana to create visual interest and to show the connection between the Japanese brand and its English audience.

Astro Jam Packaging

For this project we had to design 3 flavors of a drink line. To challenge myself, I wanted to do designs for sachets, and really play off of the metallic packaging for the space themed juice. The juice has fun fusions of flavors and cute illustrations to help bring in the target audience of children.

Dreamy Photoshoot

This was a self directed photography project, where I chose to create a dreamy and soft photoshoot. I used soft pink and purple lighting effects to create the dreamy atmosphere.