Ashlin Kellough


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Photography
My name is Ashlin Kellough from Red Deer, Alberta and my passion is Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. What lead me to the Bachelor of Design Program at MacEwan was my interest in graphic design that grew after attending a Parsons School of Design summer program. I often find inspiration through my peers, other designers, creative platforms and the world around me. I love design because it helps us communicate visually and understand information in unique and creative ways but also helps individuals who have reading disorders to visually understand something. Over the pandemic, I kept busy by doing internships with Stantec and Northlands in Edmonton as well doing freelance work in the Edmonton and Red Deer area.

Dreaming The Prague Sessions Album Design

The concept behind this design is to represent the emotion and movement that the music has. And by doing that abstractly and uniquely. Combining color psychology into a paint pour to portray the emotions through the colors chosen and representing the music's movement with the paint's movement.

Floral Portraits

A series of portraits meant to be used to promote natural beauty. Accomplishing this by surrounding the model with flowers with a subtle makeup with a pop of color on the eyelids to bring the color from the flowers on to the model.

Wine Drop

The purpose of this project was to capture a photo with a macro lense to then match with a portrait. The Macro lense shot is more successful on its own without the portrait which is why it is shown on its own.

Editorial Magazine Photography

This project was an editorial magazine photo series. Focusing on beauty. With the use of pearls to give it an elegant, clean and professional look.