Brett  Johnson


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Photography
  • User Experience Design
  • Environmental Design
My name is Brett Johnson and I am in my final year of my Bachelor of Design Program at MacEwan University. My previous careers in the hospitality and oil industries honed my creativity and love for problem-solving, which led to my interest in design. Through my degree, I discovered a passion for research and analyzing systems, which inspired me to focus on environmental and UX design. My goal is to pursue a career as a UX designer. Over the pandemic, I worked on improving my personal health, small personal UI projects, and pasta making skills.

ETS Ecosystem Map

This project challenged me to create an ecosystem map of the current Edmonton Transit System, focusing on rider safety and security based on our research and information provided by the ETS. The goal for my project was to create an easy-to-read and flexibility in the granularity of information shown to the reader.

Link to interactive map

Album Cover Photo Essay

Taken initially for an album cover, this photo essay presents a day in the life of Frank, who represents the lead singer and songwriter of the band, as their life was the inspiration for the album. Frank is a direct representation of the songwriter's methodology for creating music. Recording and later playing back meaningful memories of the days past to make music.

At Home AR Dashboard

This project challenged me to create an AR design that would improve the user's productivity thorugh organizational tools. The concept for my design was to incorporate simple administrative tools, such as a calendar, email, and note pad into a system that would easily be placed around the home and office—providing extra organizational materials without adding to the physical space to increase productivity.

Allard Hall Wayfinding Redesign

This project had a team of designers redesign Allard Hall’s wayfinding system. Each team presented one main navigational tool and a variety of other sub tools to help visitors navigate through Allard Hall.

Role: Team lead, materials and construction designer

Remote work: Using AR to improve Work-Life-Balance

My project centers around the paradigm shift in work culture brought on by COVID-19, and explores a future solution using glasses-based augmented reality to help alleviate issues highlighted by remote workers. This project specifically focuses on reducing remote workers’ anticipatory anxiety and tasks residue, which are suspected causes of being unable to “unplug” from work.