Carolina Odashima


    Graduating with:
  • Diploma
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
I am Carolina Tiemi Odashima (aka Chi). Having always been drawn to creating, Art and Design are my life-long passions. After graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, I started working in graphic design and apps and games development. These work experiences led me to pursue a Design education at MacEwan. As an art enthusiast, I find inspiration in traditional and contemporary art to create eye-catching visuals and compelling designs. I aim to create purposeful and well-tailored solutions that help people's lives. Over the pandemic, I found joy in reorganizing my home so that humans and cats could coexist peacefully.

Branding: Immunization Awareness Organization

This project consisted in developing a made-up NGO focused on a current global social justice issue, which included the name, tagline, and branding.“Vaccinfo” is an organization that aims to raise awareness about vaccination and immunization, and debunk myths to reduce vaccine hesitancy. The name "Vaccinfo" is straightforward and memorable, making it accessible and inclusive. The tagline, “Don’t be Immune to Facts,” refers to the unwillingness to accept information, and serves as a call-to-action.

Brochure Design: ConnectEdmonton Annual Report

This project is a brochure design for the ConnectEdmonton Annual Report. The graphic elements chosen are bold and solid, and convey trust and strength. The numbers in the cover were blown out to the point of almost abstraction. They look like continuous lines, giving the idea of development and movement. The colour yellow transmits optimism, creativity and excitement, appealing to those who are hoping for a brighter future for the city of Edmonton.

Vinyl Record Design: Roya's Breath & Being

This project was developed for Roya’s debut album “Breath & Being”. It has a casual and intimate aesthetic that denotes playfulness. The Illustrations were hand painted, and the album title and artist’s name were handwritten to allude to self-expression and spontaneity. Elements like brush strokes, layers of colours, and gestural imprints reinforce the idea of a “personal mark.” Ripples in the water are dynamic and fluid, acting as visual representations of melody and harmony.

App Redesign: Edmonton Public Library

This app redesign aimed to provide an uncomplicated and fun experience at EPL's app. The visual style conveys excitement and boldness. The bright colour palette derives from EPL's logotype and library cards. The app promotes user engagement as well as it portrays EPL in an uplifting and modern way. The main target for this visual approach would be a young adult audience, who constitutes the age group that reads the most.