Emma Skogstad


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Video
Hello! My name is Emma Skogstad. I was born and raised in the Edmonton area and am a passionate and motivated designer. My background in photography is what initially led me to pursue graphic design. What began as an interest in strictly photography blossomed into a passion for all things visual communication design. I find that inspiration is often weaved through many mediums and I believe the most admirable solutions realize links between them. As a young designer, I really look forward to learning different crafts of design to realize these connections in new ways.

Lil Ladies Ice Wine

This project challenged me to create a brand offering instant recognition. I focused on creating a cohesive brand with a clear voice, then applied it to a strategic campaign.

I targeted Canadian women 18-30 with an approachable ice wine in order to boost sales of wine with young consumers. The final brand is the perfect combination of classy and sweet, approachable and affordable, but refined enough to appeal to young female consumers.

Dynamic Type Specimen

This animation project is an exploration of the typeface Colfax, designed by Eric Olson in 2002, with the intention to create a dynamic type specimen. Type specimens are fascinating documents to me, outlining the framework and form of a family but often used to translate the typeface's character to the designer. By bringing this to motion, I hoped to help strengthen the integrity of the typeface.


Flux is a short film exploring the connections we build to the spaces which we inhabit and our lives' circumstances that become unintentionally defined by their structure. In a time where we are spending more and more time in our spaces, yet simultaneously more isolated from loved ones than ever, these connections to the space we inhabit will build deep roots in our memories.


These photos taken late morning mid August 2021 express a gentle yet captivating feeling. They tell a story through direction, color and lighting choices.