Emma Wine


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Photography
My name is Emma Wine, I am from Edmonton, AB and I have a love for photography and branding. I started my journey at Macewan in 2018, and have enjoyed every part of it. I find my inspiration in things around me, especially nature as well as other designers. Currently, I run my own wedding/lifestyle photography business and started that in 2019. Another career goal of mine is to work at a branding agency creating corporate identities/logos. I love design because it allows me to show who I am through something other than words. Over the pandemic, I kept busy by working on my photography business as well as freelance work.

Endeavor Brewing Company Beer Labels

This project consisted of designing beer labels that best matched the beer taste profile while maintaining the brand identity while adding a more sophisticated look to this high-quality beer. Endeavor has created a new beer line that brews for at least nine months to give the richest and most flavourful taste. Using the topographical maps of Alberta mountains creates the base image of these labels while the oval shape adds to the classic feel of these labels.

Perks of Being a Wallflower Book Cover & Page Interior

This project consisted of designing both the front cover and the interior of the book. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is about a high school kid who doesn’t fit in, which is the rationale behind the cover. The book is simplistic and the interior is designed in the format of a typewriter-like feel.

Wedding Photography

These are three photos from weddings I have done over the past few years. My love for wedding photography began in 2019 and has grown ever since. The style of my photography is natural and unique. Each photograph tells a story and creates memories that last forever.- emmawine photography

Editorial Magazine Photography

This series of photos was done for a local makeup artist to help promote her brand. The feel was effortless, natural and simplistic. The natural sunlight made for interesting angels and lighting to work with during this shoot. I have created a warm and inviting editorial composition that promotes the local makeup artist’s business.