Erin Bennett


    Graduating with:
  • Diploma
  • Publication Design
  • Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
My name is Erin Bennett, and I came to study at MacEwan from Winnipeg, Manitoba. My passions are motion and layout design, and I find inspiration in media. Consuming cool stuff motivates me to make cool stuff! Right now my career goals are to keep learning! I’m excited to work with other designers and I want to learn from them so I can keep growing as a designer myself. I love design for its versatility, and how any given designer has their own perspective on it. Over the pandemic I’ve experimented with digital art and I’ve been having a lot of fun making personal projects!

Carmilla Book Design

For this project, we had to choose a book and completely redesigned it. As this book is almost 150 years old, considerations were taken in regards to fonts and layout options that would reflect the age of the story, while also making it look appealing and interesting to a modern audience.
Illustrations were done in Procreate before being brought into InDesign, where they were laid out in spreads for the interior and exterior covers and in-text illustrations.

The Griff Redesign

In this project, we were tasked with redesigning MacEwan’s student magazine. Using content from past issues, this version of the Griff was reimagined as a special issue surrounding content about food and wellness for MacEwan’s student body. Drawing inspiration from vintage cookbooks without sacrificing the appeal of modern design trends, this redesign still speaks to a modern readership while also invoking a nostalgic feeling of home.

How to Take Care of a Cactus Explainer Video

In this project, we had to combine what we had learned in After Effects and Blender to create an explainer video on a topic of our choosing. The topic of this video is going over some easy beginner tips to help someone care for a cactus. All models were created and animated in blender, and coloured using Procreate’s 3D tool. The clips, text, and visual effects were created in After Effects.

Scent Brand Website Coding Project

For this project we had to create a website for a fictional company using HTML and CSS. We had to take into account what purpose the client wanted the website to serve, such as displaying products for sale or directing customers to retailers that carried their products, and code it to those specifications.
This client was a company that sold luxury scents affordably, aiming to do so while not losing any of the decadent imagery associated with their brand.