Angel Castillo


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • User Experience Design
Hi! My name is Angel. I was born in the Philippines and came to Canada with my family in 2001. I have always been creative but I’ve always had a fascination for people and art with function. When I discovered the Design program in 2015, my career trajectory completely changed and I was enamoured by the whole industry. Finally! I found a channel for my creative and critical thinking. Although architecture was my first dream, digital design captured me. My goal is to improve every day in this field and to help make a difference in people’s lives; whether it be small or large scale. I love design because it enables me to use empathy, creativity and critical thinking. Over the pandemic, I got a kitten! She rules my house now.

Editorial Photography

This project required producing editorial-inspired photography accompanied by a made-up magazine. Photography aspects consisted of lighting planning, styling the model & doing some research on 70’s fashion. The magazine was inspired by a minimal and modern layout. This was done in order to showcase how 70’s fashion or any other era in fashion can be rediscovered and recycled again and again.

Portrait Photography

This is a compilation of personal projects I love to do on the side. Portrait photography is one of my favourite styles.

Kids Kottage Foundation

This was a project for Branding & Corp class. The objective was to choose a foundation of our choice and redesign its logo and create a branding guideline book for them. The foundation I chose was Kids Kottage, a home for troubled children who do not have a home due to financial or family reasons and are in distress.

Gameets (Biology Game Design)

This project was for my Interaction Design class. Our class collaborated with the Biology department at MacEwan to create a basic educational game for university students. The main topic my partner and I worked on was the decline in coral diversity & population. Our game objective was to pair up gametes (sex cells) in order to start spawning. The more pairs you create, the higher the points and level you achieve.
Designers: Kristjan Buckingham & Angel Castillo