Alan Ngo


    Graduating with:
  • Diploma
  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Illustration
My name is Alan Ngo and I am based in Edmonton, Alberta. My background in Design is what led me to attend MacEwan University’s Design program. My work is inspired by reading, fashion, and food. What I love about design is how I am able to translate an idea into a tangible concept. My goal as a designer is to learn from my peers and colleagues while growing my skills further doing what I love. Over the pandemic, I worked on personal projects, interned for an agency, and did a few freelance work for small businesses in the Edmonton area.

Mike Rud Album Cover Design

This project was done for the DESN 231 Typography II with Constanza Pacher. We worked along with a client from Bent River Records to create an album cover design for the artist.

The lettering is all hand-drawn using Procreate, giving it a hand-cut look that is influenced from classic jazz album covers. A subtle colour palette is applied to give it a retro look that relates back to the era of the 1950s.

Hand Lettering Greeting Cards

This project consisted of developing a series of greeting cards for SNIK, a local business in BC aimed to develop LGBTQ+ products.

The Gentle Hare Brand Identity

This project was developed as a personal project. The Gentle Hare is a branding project for a fictitious restaurant that specializes in vegan/vegetarian fine-dining. Using a serif type to maintain an elegant look, the logo consists of a reduced symbol of a rabbit to maintain a minimalist design while enhancing it with an earth-tone colour palette.

This is a variation of different illustration styles I’ve developed over the years. The Farmer’s Market Date illustration was done as an exercise from the DESN 200 Illustration class, further developing it with a restrained colour palette. The Character Style illustrations are variations of character designs done as a further exploration of character development.