Nat Bloemen


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Illustration
I am Nat! I was raised in a family that encouraged me to be artistic and allowed me to exercise my creativity freely, whether it was painting, scrapbooking or sculpting. I looked up to my aunties, cousins and siblings as role models for what my future could look like. As a kid, I also had an interest in technology, so finding the world of graphic design combined two things I am passionate about.

Coming out of this program, my creative focus is on branding, advertising and illustration. Designs that make a difference in someone's life, even at a glance, is what inspires me to do what I do. Visual communications can vastly improve or excite mundane tasks, and I strive to apply my passion to creative and unique solutions.
La Carraia Brand Identity Redesign
The goal of this project was to select a locally owned business in Edmonton and create a fictitious re-brand. La Carraia is an authentic Italian gelato shop specializing in handmade gelato, traditional espresso, and an array of drinks and treats. The new identity is graceful, luxurious, sophisticated and contemporary to stay true to its heritage and to appeal to new customers.
Trip To Baba’s
The objective of this project was to visually communicate a meaningful memory or story. This booklet illustrates the fond memories I have of visiting my Baba’s (Grandma’s) backyard. In particular, her garden, which is filled with various trees, plants, and flowers.
Death Drops Product Design
Death Drops is a fictitious hot sauce brand. The purpose of this project was to create and design a brand along with an advertisement campaign. Death Drops’ personality is devilish, bold, and daring, with a call to action to live life on the edge.
Weird Tales Book Design
This project’s purpose was to redesign an entire book; fine-tuning large amounts of text, designing chapter starts and illustrations, along with creating a new front cover and back cover.
Weird Tales was founded in 1923, and publishes collections of science fiction and horror stories. Five authors tell stories with an eerie and suspenseful plot, varying from deadly crocodiles, a rotten magic egg, to a haunted house.