Molly Boyd


  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
Hello! I am a passionate creative in the Edmonton area. One of my qualities is my eagerness towards human-centred design, which I strive to incorporate into my work. I enjoy looking at design problems from a big-picture perspective, and seeing the interconnections between other disciplines; it motivates me to know I could be a small part of solving a bigger problem. For me, inspiration comes from the people and environment I am surrounded by. As a people person, I have realised the importance of connections, inside and outside of design. A goal of mine is to inspire others to pursue their creative interests and continue putting passion into what I create.
Supercart: An AR Grocery Shopping Experience
In collaboration with Vik Chu, this project focused on augmented and Mixed Reality for well-being, mental and physical health.
Build Your Own Randy Travis
Based on one of the short stories in “How to Pronounce Knife” by Souvankham Thammavongsa, this project pokes fun at the longing the mother goes through for the country artist, Randy Travis. Inspired by the “Grow your own Boyfriend” toys.
TIQ Software is a corporate identity rebranding project. The brand’s refreshed colours reflect a brand that is upbeat, fun and easily customizable.
500 Days of (Colour): Metaphorical Timeline Project
This metaphorical timeline project is based on the film, “500 Days of Summer” and portrays the main character, Tom’s, emotional journey. The non-linear portrayal of the flashbacks is illustrated in the poster. Tom’s emotions are portrayed through coloured lines that flow up and down, symbolizing the pathway of his emotions.