Leanna Cebe


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
I am graduating this spring from the Bachelor of Design program at MacEwan University, specializing in User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and branding. One of my favourite aspects about design is how it promotes a range of creative disciplines, allowing me to problem-solve in a variety of creative ways. My mission in design is to contribute to ways that address intersectionality and promote inclusivity. Something I enjoy about the craft is being able to create timeless pieces that bring design into the contemporary era. My takeaway from being in the MacEwan design program is being able to discover various disciplines while learning the principles and history that go into the evolution of our solutions. Outside of design, you can find me climbing, listening to or playing music, or volunteering!
Parks Canada App Design
The project objective is to redesign the Parks Canada website and create an app design for Parks Canada. App design is intended to emphasize the natural beauty of Canada Park's while following general guidelines of material design and Parks Canada.
Burrard Brewery Product Design
This project aims to create a brand, wordmark, and labeling system around a selected mock product concept. Burrard Brewery CRAFT BEER Joined the Victoria, BC craft beer scene in 2013 partnering with local fruit farms to create their blends. The overall feeling of Burrard Brewery is a modern-rustic take on botanical apothecaries to bring an alluring feel to BC's natural landscapes and resources that will appeal to the target audience of BC locals and tourists.
Product Photography
The objective of this project was to research the photography collaboration French Cowboy, and create an image that is cohesive with their style of photography. This project continues the look and feel of their photo style by choosing connected product type, lighting, and editing styles.
Haunt Toronto Convention Event Design
The objective for this project was to create a brand identity and system for a virtual reality ghost story convention hosted in Toronto, Canada. The start of this project included research on the location to consider opportunities that would match the setting.