Laina Vanderwell


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Publication
  • Typography
I am a designer, born and raised in Edmonton. I’ve always been creative and curious, and design has helped me merge these two parts of my personality. My curious mind has me constantly exploring other disciplines, learning new things, and experimenting with and learning new mediums. I am a self-described podcast fiend, listening to podcasts about anything from design and science to true crime and mystery. I love finding connections in new places and applying them to my creative process. My favourite area of design is branding, because it allows a brand’s personality to be represented visually, and can help organize and unify the diverse aspects of an organization. In my career, I hope to work on various projects and explore more multidisciplinary work to apply my diverse skill set.
Sipsmith Gin Photo
This photograph was created for a practical exam in which we had 40 minutes to set up and shoot a beverage photograph. The scene captured for this project creates a rich environment that highlights the Sipsmith Gin Bottle and gives the picture an elegant atmosphere.
Fear Conceptual Illustration
The main objective of this project was to create a conceptual illustration around the concept of fear. To do so, fear was researched thoroughly, and an avenue of exploration was chosen. The final illustration explores the idea of conditioned fear and how it takes hold of our rational thought like a weed takes over a garden.
Miss Snap Brand Identity and Packaging
The goal of this project was to create a brand identity and packaging for an organic small-batch soda company based out of California. Context and competitors were researched, and a strategy was developed to stand out in the target market. The brand identity for Miss Snap is fun, funky and soothing and lets the unique flavours of the sodas shine. The brand identity and flavour names were hand-lettered to give the brand a handcrafted feel.
80 Flavours Brand Redesign
For this project, a local business was chosen as a candidate for a complete brand redesign. Their brand and other competitors in their sector were researched through a brand and competitive audit to understand the brand and create a strategy to reposition it within its sector. The new brand identity is fun, fresh and bubbly and takes a modern contemporary approach to the classic ice cream shack.