Yasmin Dehghannegad


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Publication Design
  • Photography
Hello! My name is Yasmin, and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta! I started my official design journey at the UofA for two years before transitioning to the design program at MacEwan University. I find inspiration from other fellow photographers/creatives and fashion editorials/publications. I love photography the most in design because I get to be creative with the concept, lighting, styling, etc. My ultimate goal is to become either a fashion editorial photographer, a fashion advertising photographer, or an editorial designer! Over the pandemic, I refreshed and improved my photographic/design skills with personal projects.

Editorial Photography

Photo Collage: A compilation of 3 of my strongest editorial style photographs I’ve taken.

Editorial Location Portrait using Strobe in Layout

This was a school project where we had to produce one editorial cover portrait and an accompanying dps portrait using strobe as our main light source, in layout. We had the option to choose a magazine style, existing or made up, and create a narrative using the “Story” or “Subject”.

Color Diptychs

Color Diptychs was a school project where we had to take a portrait photo and a macro photo and both photos had to be cohesive in terms of color.

Incluskin (Packaging Design)

This packaging design was a school project and the goal was to design a unique and appropriate logo and packaging system with an uncommon design style and strong visual standards.

Portraits of individuals in the marginalized community

I studied the importance of representation of the marginalized communities and the importance of their lived experience. I wanted to communicate the lived experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and people of disability through portraits that tell a story. Sharing the lived experiences is vital because it would share the importance of representation and understanding the lived experiences of these individuals. (Community partner: the Unique Get Together Society).