Tinuoluwa Olabimtan


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Publication Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
Greetings! I am a Nigerian-born and raised designer, with an inclination for fashion, technology and research. My interest in design started at a young age, and now find inspiration in my nostalgic experiences, fashion and technological advancements. Design has allowed me to combine both my creative and analytic ways of problem-solving into a singular expression. Over the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to gain experience by working with both profit and non-profit organizations. I hope to progress in my career as a UI/UX designer and eventually end up designing operating systems for aerospace technology.

#ThroughMyEyes Opioid Crisis Campaign

#ThroughMyEyes enlightens the public about the social and emotional roadblocks against recovering opioid addicts. The campaign creates public awareness and ignites collective empathy toward the challenges opioid users face while trying to integrate back into society. It is our aim to put the public in the shoes of the opioid user and enable them to experience the challenges of recovery while shaking off psychological and physiological damage. In collaboration with Angel Castillo and Cam Zimmel.

S.F-Squared Branding

S.F -Square is a sci-fi and fantasy publishing conference located in London, UK. The conference aims at motivating leading authors and aspiring writers as well as publishers and aspiring publishers to take their work to the next level through workshops set in place to inspire creativity and exploration and also encourages networking.

Portrait Photography Collection

My portrait photography consists primarily of images shot in low-key lighting, with an emphasis on shadows and depth. This image in a film-noir style portrait that focuses on the models clothing and accessories (i.e, his bag).

Japan Tourism Exhibition

Japan is one of the most populated countries in the world, coming eleventh with a population of over 125 million inhabitants. The country is known globally for their traditional arts (such as calligraphy, nature arrangements, tea ceremonies and art) as well as their rapid technological advancement. The country’s unique sense of modernity coexists with its traditional heritage. This is an attribute that attracts thousands of tourists annually.

Virtuwell Branding and App

In this project, we studied the issue of bad sleep quality in post-secondary students. While many factors contribute to the unrestful state of most students, the primary cause is lousy sleep hygiene, which is caused by several habits and behaviours on the part of the students. As a group, MyHanh Nguyen, Tinu Olabimtan and Sabrine Hachi challenged themselves to find a design solution to the observed problem.