Kayla Atutubo


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Photography
I am a Filipino-Canadian designer, and creativity has always come naturally to me since I was a kid. My fascination with cartoons, pop culture, music (specifically music videos, posters and album covers) and fashion led me to pursue design. What inspires me are my creative peers, my high school art teacher (who motivated me to continue creating), and artists and designers on social media. What I'm passionate about in design is constructing my own story, exploring various subjects, and evoking emotions through my work. My goal is to learn to improve my skills and constantly evolve, hoping my work will create an impact on somebody.
Converse Run-Star Hike Ad
This floating still-life project aimed at creating an advertisement for a product with floating elements to create an intriguing poster. The product advertised is one of Converse’s All-Star line, Run Star Hike. This poster sought to demonstrate an energetic atmosphere by emphasizing the platform design of the shoes and through the slogan “Stay Elevated” on their social media. Up in the clouds represents the endless possibilities of individuals “expressing themselves” that Converse aims to achieve.
Moonchild, Illustrative Album
This project aimed to photograph a reference and incorporate it into an illustration to visualize a song from an album. The inspiration was Selene from Niki's album, Moonchild. The overall composition encapsulates the music's dreaminess and moody tone through the lighting, motion, and the incorporation of butterflies.
Editorial Location Portrait
The goal was to photograph using strobe lighting on location and integrate it into an editorial cover and layout. Inspired by Elle magazine, the theme surrounds elegance in contrast to the industrial-looking background.