Annual Report Design for Explore Edmonton

For my capstone project, I worked with Explore Edmonton to recreate their annual report to increase their brand engagement with Edmonton residents. I conducted research and found that residents value community, culture, and nature in Edmonton. This finding led me to create a report with illustrations of people interacting with each other and engaging in activities, creating an experience for residents and reflecting their connection with their city.
Illustrations depicting the diversity of Edmonton residents
Annual Report - About Explore Edmonton. The transition from image into illustration creates a connection between the two, making it seem as though they are a part of the same world. This connection invites residents into the report and motivates residents to explore Edmonton.
Annual Report - Tourism Master Plan Spread
Social Media Carousel A 7-image carousel for social media showcasing the main highlights of the annual report. The carousel serves as a way for Explore Edmonton to further engage with residents and educate them on their brand.