Summer  Shields


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Publication Design
Hi! My name is Summer. I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, and I love all things design and broadening my knowledge in design! I’ve always been drawn to the arts and discovered my love for design in High School. I find inspiration in anything and everything in my environment, from architecture to social media. My goal is to grow as a designer and soak up as much experience as I can in the next few years. I was always drawn to the way design combines creativity and visual communication through analytical application. Over the pandemic, I dove into my love for film photography and found that I loved the process of film.

Zest Beauty

This Project consisted of inventing a new brand that solves a problem. The problem I chose was sustainability in the cosmetic industry. The project consisted of gathering research, designing a new brand, developing a strategy, and then implementing that strategy into a campaign.

The company I created proposes a full-range makeup brand that focuses on creating high-quality and sustainable makeup products. The products would be sustainable from production to ingredients to packaging.

Re-Design of The Griff

This project was focused on re-designing the MacEwan-run magazine publication. My approach to the re-design was to focus on bold graphic elements to draw the reader in combined with approachable and inclusive visual styles. I won second place in our class competition for this project and the design was featured in The Griff publication.

Starbucks Social Campaign

This social campaign focused on increasing engagement on their Instagram account and the app. The strategy aimed at creating a sense of community through the collection of Starbucks Stars and through using the hashtags on the audience’s Instagram.