Róisín McElhatton


    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Publication Design
  • Illustration
  • User Experience Design
Born in Edmonton, Alberta, raised by a strong-willed Irish mother, sometimes you'll catch me with a wee accent. 🍀
I'm inspired by nourishing conversations and nonsense. My career goals are to pursue design through effective systems thinking; what wicked problems can I challenge? I've returned to MacEwan to complete my bachelor's degree after graduating with my diploma because design is seductive and intrinsically connected to human development. I want to be at the center of innovating a world with interconnected design.


I write poetry in my spare time. This poem is one that I’ve carried with me through the last year of my Bachelor’s Degree; I find that it reminds me to be true to myself, above all, through every stage of existence.

Full Circle – The Website

This interactive website showcases the creation of ‘hybrid piezo tribal electric flags’ through the lens of biomimicry. This design informs on the biomimicry design process. It provides examples of its usage and showcases informative aspects of biomimicry through time. The illustrations symbolize the elements of nature that are ‘mimicked’ in complete circle design. The diver represents the storyline of taking the user on a deep dive into the nature of biomimicry.

From Russia with Love – An Exhibit on Soviet Poster Art (and it’s modern applications)

This project challenged my team to create an exhibit from the ground up, which consisted of designing; visual identity, colors, typography, scale, floor plans… the list goes on. For my portion of this assignment, I focused on the scale of posters, art tags, digital access (QR codes), and merchandise.

We Didn’t Listen

This piece designs a plausible future world. It is a work of fiction. It is inspired by the growing rate of technological advancement and questions if there is a negative impact on our airways/frequencies' future with more technology.

Behind Your Face: An Interactive Children’s Book on Mental Health

My capstone project centers on the increasing demands of children’s mental health space. The growing need for societal congruence can be detrimental to the developing minds of children. The consequences for children not having a proper mental health space are devastating to families, society, and the world. Through my capstone project I ask; how might design research better facilitate a connection between children’s wellbeing and storytelling?