My Hanh Nguyen

My Hanh

    Graduating with:
  • Degree
  • Advertising
  • Publication Design
  • Photography
My name is My Hanh Nguyen. I was born in Viet Nam and moved to Canada when I was 9. I had a passion for art very early and discovered design studies after high school. This career choice allowed me to use my creative and problem-solving skills. I often find inspiration through my peers and day-to-day experiences. My goals are to become more self-reliant and believe in my design decisions. Over the pandemic, I've kept busy with a part-time job for a family business while building my communication and time-management skills.

Sour - Illustrative Album Cover

This Project consisted of studio photography and conceptual illustration to create a new representation of a music album.

The photograph was edited in Lightroom and brought into photoshop to add textural elements. The illustrative components are done within procreate to create a fun, reckless, and punk-rock feel to the album. The colours chosen for this album cover illustrate the sad lyrics behind the song and contrast the singer's energy.

Little Women - Book Design

This publication project consisted of designing an entire book from interior to exterior. The focus was to bring a new perspective to an old-time favourite book.

The book was hand-illustrated from cover to interior. The typographic system for the interior and exterior creates a cohesive and scannable for readers. The colours palette picked for this project makes a playful and delightful read with a twist of foreshadowing on the cover.

Stop AAPI Hate - Social Justice Campaign

The main goal of this project was to create a cohesive campaign to bring awareness to a social issue. During the pandemic, Asian hate crimes have increased dramatically, creating an unsafe environment for Asians worldwide.

The campaign incorporates photographs and typography techniques that enable readers to understand the struggles and offer them instructions on how to help when they experience or witness hate crimes.

Album Design

This project consists of designing a vinyl album for Bent River Records. The goal was to create an entire record to fit the band's character and an expression of their music.

The illustration was hand-drawn by me to create a metaphoric demonstration of the idea of a salmon's dance. The style represents the night scene of the Jazz songs within the album. The typographic and illustrative reversing colours system creates this cohesive yet unique design.

Virtuwell Branding and App

In this project, we studied the issue of bad sleep quality in post-secondary students. While many factors contribute to the unrestful state of most students, the primary cause is lousy sleep hygiene, which is caused by several habits and behaviours on the part of the students. As a group, MyHanh Nguyen, Tinu Olabimtan and Sabrine Hachi challenged themselves to find a design solution to the observed problem.