Joe Moniz


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Video
My love of design comes from my love of being a storyteller. With great design comes great storytelling that can captivate an audience. I am a creative mind driven by curiosity, fascinated by understanding the “why.” Enrolling in MacEwan University’s BDes program allowed me to learn, discover, hone, and specialize in various design skills. My design interests and strengths are in 3D modeling, animation, video editing, branding, motion graphics, and photography. I firmly believe that any collaborative partnership relies heavily on crafted design. My goal for the future is to continue to grow as a designer while finding success in my work; to be part of a design team, working alongside like-minded creatives who share the same affinity for storytelling through design.
Vi’s for Pies Brand Redesign - Corporate ID & Branding
For this brand redesign project, I had to research, identify, create, and design a unique and appropriate branding system and visual identity for a local Edmonton business. This included developing and designing a new logo mark, elemental motifs, colour palette, and an engaging brand identity for Vi’s for Pies, a friendly neighbourhood café and casual eatery known for its comfort food, desserts, and pies.
Podcast Summit Brand Design - Corporate ID & Branding
This project had me invent, create, and design a unique and appropriate brand and logo mark with a visual identity for a conceptual event. My client was a famous and well-attended Podcast Conference hosted in New York City titled Podcast Summit or NYCPS. Podcast Summit is a popular conference featuring online podcasters, podcasts, shows and performers, in which podcast fans gather to meet creators, hosts, and leading experts during the 4-day event.
NETFLIX Hangout User Function - Interaction Design
Pre-Covid Design Concept for NETFLIX

This project had me invent, create, and design a unique and functional UX/UI experience that could result in a larger NETFLIX viewing community by creating a new digital function for the existing product.
Uber Brand Campaign - Advertising Design
For this Advertising Design project, I was tasked with conceptualizing, creating, and designing an Uber Ride-Share advertising campaign that establishes their existing brand and services to the Edmonton market. The design for this advertising campaign showcased the brand’s ability to service the public by offering local and convenient ride-sharing commutes through ads that showcase Uber’s personality, identity, and humour.