James Nguyen Vázquez

Nguyen Vázquez

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Video
I love to experiment with anything audio/visual. The blend of these mediums surprises me as technology brings new experiences. My interests lie primarily in visual arts (video, photography, motion graphics), branding, advertising and music. I want to explore ways in which elements outside design can integrate with the creation of visual narratives to elevate storytelling.

Through my 4th year in the program, I had the opportunity to be part of the Design Student Organization (DSO). It helped me develop my photo/video skills while experiencing an encouraging, design-loving community alongside inspiring designers whom I considered friends and family.
Visualizing a Journey: Psychogeography Through the COVID-19 Lockdown
Exploring the literary device of the travelogue, we had the freedom to choose the medium to create a thoughtful and engaging visual narrative. The notion of psychogeography describes a geographical location's effect on individuals' emotions and behaviour. We had just passed the first year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic and considered the empty streets and the stories indoors as the narrative's primary focus.
Product Branding, Strategy & Campaign
This project required us to choose an existing product category within a particular market to create a brand serving as a new competitor. For our brand’s launch, an advertising campaign consisting of social media, magazine, and store-front poster advertisements was created based on a strategy backed by target audience analysis from existing brands. As a final deliverable, a tangible mockup of our brand’s packaging helped bring our concept to life.
Based on Google's Material Design, we had the freedom of creating an app of our own showcasing a feature utilizing micro-interactions — UI animations that provide visual feedback to help prevent errors and improve user usability. Strider is a music player app that allows those who like to write their thoughts as they analyze or notice a particular part of a song. They can then revisit their notes and realize their ideas.
Conceptual Still Life: Space Keyboard
We were asked to promote a product with a concept tied to weightlessness. Mechanical keyboards have flourished in a growing online community introducing hobbyists to search for the perfect keyboard. The weightlessness theme existed as a space-themed keyboard. The use of gray in the background adheres to the monochromatic palette of the keyboard, creating a void that reinforces zero gravity space.