Brett Boyd


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Originally, I wanted my bio to be one word, as I felt that it reflected who I am as a designer—bold, straightforward, deeply considered, and dynamic in my approach to solving problems. Unfortunately, I can no longer use that word to describe myself; in the act of hyping myself up, the word has become inaccurate. To try and remain as authentic as I can to what I had initially intended, let me say: I'm Brett, and I do unique, but clean work.
gōsh accessories
gōsh is an avant-garde accessory brand that creates pieces of wearable artwork aimed to reflect, preserve, and define the attitudes and aesthetics of the alternative scene while simultaneously creating a potential look at what the future of fashion could be. The brand plays on textures, unique imagery, contained chaos, and unexpected diversity. The branding allows the brand to grow and adapt to the future of fashion, while keeping a close eye on the past.
A.I. Artist Assistant
We created an AI that gives artists with hand limitations or impairments the ability to create artwork that they feel represents themselves and their creativity. This AI experience is integrated into an app and augmented reality H.U.D space. Throughout the app and AR, audio is mainly used between the user and the AI to navigate and create their artwork.