Sarah Zeiner


    Graduating with:
  • Diploma
  • Photography
  • Video
My name is Sarah Zeiner and I am from Edmonton, Alberta. My passion is Photography. Doing photography classes in Jr. High and High School, as well as getting a camera at a young age, is what led me to the Bachelor of Design Program at MacEwan University. I find my inspiration through my peers and other designers/photographers. I love design and photography because it shows a story and send a message that sometimes can't be communicated with words. My goal is to become a confident and more successful photographer by doing photoshoots and projects that inspire me! Over the pandemic, I kept busy by working at Sephora and occasionally taking photos around the house.

Denim Lookbook

This project consisted of creating a catalogue with photos taken in the studio. The catalogue is all about my model Chloe showcasing all denim looks, all of the outfits were put together by me and shot using studio flash and studio lighting. The catalogue was designed and put together to be shoppable, like something you would see at a high fashion clothing store. All images were touched up using photoshop and the catalog was made using InDesign.

Art Of Retro

This project consisted of taking a previous project and using motion graphics to enhance the project. The video is an extension of the denim lookbook project and with a similar concept, the video is to showcase the outfits and show in-studio video using studio lights and positioning models. The use of retro motion graphics is used to make the video more interesting and show the difference in how text can change a video.

Editorial Layout

The main objective of this project was to make an editorial layout using food photography. For this project, I went to Dennys and photographed some pancakes using natural lighting. The second photo is taken in the studio using colour gels and showcases a glass of orange juice, all the toppings were placed by me to enhance the product.

Color Gel Studio Shoot

This is one of my favourite projects I have done, using coloured gels in the studio to create a fun and artistic photoshoot of my model Kyla. The project consisted of choosing two colours and experimenting with the colour gels in the studio. My model has a blue-green makeup look on and is supposed to appear “wet” or underwater inspired.